Domestically Modified: Fibre Art Series

About the Series

Domestically Modified is a perfect metaphor for creating with recycled fabrics. I am modifying the original presentation in what seems like a very domestic action when I hook. Most often, women create the original piece of clothing which I then cut into strips for art, not function. To up-cycle fabrics, one strip, one loop at a time, is a meditative act which brings life to my images. Designing and hooking rugs is my passion. Music inspired the narrative of each hooked piece for Domestically Modified, illustrating a woman’s passage through time, symbolized by a seagull. As we age, like old clothing, we, too, are often modified domestically or domestically modified.

Fraser Gallery Showing

Domestically Modified is a group exhibition seen through the lenses of twelve member artists, with their individual interpretations, working in various mediums.

August 20 - September 8

The Fraser Cultural Centre Art Gallery
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
10am - 5pm daily

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