Lore Exhibit

Pugwash Artists’ Collective

Lore Art Show and Sale

Fraser Cultural Centre in Tatamagouche

August 15 to September 3, 2014

These are the hooked pieces that I created for the show:
Seer's Seat
Seer's Seat Close-Up
Autumnal Sunset
Neptune's Queen

Tears on the Beach

Runaway Bride

Moonlight Mermaids (Close-up)
Moonlight Mermaids

About the Show

Using folklore as inspiration, this thirteen-member collective has used a wide variety of media to explore their own interpretation of this theme. Whether they used myths, legends and fairy tales or chose to be inspired by superstitions, ghost stories or anecdotal tales passed down through generations— the artists were consistently drawn to story and its transformative powers. Some have worked in materials and used methods like woodcut, clay and rug hooking that seem to fit perfectly with the traditional nature of this theme. Others have chosen to use media, like film and sculpture, that invites viewers to step outside preconceived notions of what story is. All underline the importance of narrative in our lives, to help us make sense of things, unravel the mystery, explain the unexplainable.

About the Pugwash Artists' Collective

The Pugwash Artists’ Collective has banded together for the last six years to exhibit their work in galleries on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, from Tatamagouche to Pugwash. The Collective is comprised of:

BONNIE BOND " The creative process takes me on a joyful journey with my imagination." Bonnie is a giftware designer. Her art may incorporate any media that inspires her at the moment.

DIANE BURNHAM enjoys combining found-object and forged metal pieces to create whimsical and kinetic sculptures.  The process involves welding, brazing and gas forging depending upon the materials.

CATHERINE BUSSIERE is a photographer, videographer and an instructor. Over the past 10 years she has been producing short videos for various organizations as well as producing personal short productions.

DEBBIE CAMERON’s soul is nurtured by gardening, decorating, floral arranging and exploring nature's bounty. Her challenge is translating these passions into an art show presentation!

LOUISE CLOUTIER Looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary, veteran art teacher and artist, Louise Cloutier, uses the eyes at the back of her head to look outside the box when painting and sculpting.

JENNIFER HOUGHTALING learned pottery at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton. This was a good foundation to develop her own style through years of experimentation with clay and glazes.

DONNA HUTCHINSON has found her joy as a fibre artist designing brightly coloured mats and wall hangings that often depict life on the seashore. Over the past eight years she has exhibited and sold her works in numerous solo or group shows and creates commission work as well.. She is a member of ATHA and RGHNS and Remsheg Hookers.

ARCHAN KNOTZ is a self-taught artist exploring art through water colours and has recently moved into mono-printing and woodcuts.

PATTI MCWADE’s signature landscapes and florals are rich with colour and bold brush strokes. Though the subjects are familiar, the results in both watercolour and acrylic are reflective of a very personal view.

MARY PURDY is a self-taught artist, who creates thought-provoking installations often selected from nature, to interact with and engage the viewer.

NORENE SMILEY works in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media. In Lore she explores personal myths — the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell others and the stories we leave untold.

CRIS SONNTAG is a North Shore artist in love with colour and texture. "I think every painting should tell it's own story. You don't have to believe what it says....just enjoy the experience.
Colour, large and brave.......That's my happy place"

SARAH WITNEY plays with water, words, colour and children.  Not always in that order.  She is continually grabbed by the infinite beauty in Nature.


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