Off-Coloured Crows

Hooking by the sea with a gaggle crows living their lives within my view, makes me want to join them... to fly, to caw, to chase away grackles. My six crows represent gold as the nursery rhyme goes, associated with wealth, magic, passion, sparkle, glitz, and glamour.

These crows were hooked on linen with recycled, overdyed and new Dorr wools, adorned with silks, satins, and tulle, and other glitz, contained in painted pine frames.

You can see them on display at the Murder of Crows Art Show & Sale.

MAGIC 12" x 12" $195

SPARKLE 12" x 12" $195

GLAMOUR 12" x 12" $195

GLITZ 12" x 12" $195

PASSION 12" x 12" $195

WEALTH 12" x 12" $195


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