Pugwash Peace Exhibit


Artist's Statement

We Are the World

A declaration that all people can live and play in harmony.

Hooked with all recycled wools.
50" X  27" 
 Peace is an illusive state in this turbulent world. Seeking peace in every fibre of our lives is what I wish for, hope for, long for. Peace. The path to peace is never sure, nor secure. It is a journey with many holes and openings that could allow peace to slip through. 

Thus the vision of the world I captured has tracings of land, open to change. Only the oceans find a solidity, a permanency with potential to grow larger. Beware of openings that threaten us when greed, intolerance, fear and avarice come to call.

Peace is illusive  and must be cultivated by all.

 Let there be peace on Earth.

Peace on Earth (piece 1)

Peace on Earth (piece 2)

Hooked with wool on an aluminium grid
...timely, given our trade wars.

Peace Donation

Peace on Earth is staying with the Peace Hall. It is my donation.


The Pugwash Artist Collective's Presents

The Peace Exhibit

July 5 - 7 , 2018
Peace Hall, 14 Victoria St, Pugwash, NS

At the Show


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