Pugwash Open Air Gallery Art Installation

Here I am with my art installation “Harbourfest” outside Montys (facing the Eaton Park).

The face of Pugwash is changing! 

The Pugwash Open Air Gallery comes to the North Shore. 

Thanks to the generosity of community donors, sponsors, local businesses and a grant from the NS Beautification and Streetscaping program, seven art installations have been erected on the facades of village buildings in the last three days. They are big and beautiful, adding to Pugwash’s commitment to supporting and celebrating the arts and expanding our heritage and cultural footprint. Featuring local artists, whose work has gone through an independent jurying process, Communities in Bloom is very proud to be able to bring this initiative to our community. Special thanks to judges Joy Laking, Harry Moore and David Richard, the impeccable work of Acadian Printing and installers Chuck Graham and Richard Dittami. 

The installations are located at:

  • Side of the old fire hall facing the COOP - “Amherst Shore Park” by Fred Horton
  • Library at the old train station - “Ross Brothers” by Louise Cloutier 
  • Side of the Baptist Church on Durham - “Egalite” by Vivian Godfree 
  • Salt Mine shaft, Water St. - “Spend Time with Me” by Jenn Houghtaling 
  • Side of Basic Spirit off of Water St. - “September Marsh” by Cathy Dalton 
  • Side of O’Briens Pharmachoice on Prince Albert St. - “The Weight of the Sky” by Norene Smiley
  • Side of Montys facing Eaton Park playground - “Harbourfest” by Donna Hutchinson

The official launch of this initiative will be held in May/June of 2021, with hopefully more installations, signage, an informative website, artist presentations, and supporting print material for self-guided walks. But you don’t have to wait! You can drive/walk around and enjoy them now!  
Pugwash Open Air Gallery has been two years in the making. We hope it will grow to join the Jean Wallace Gallery at PDHS, the Heritage Panels, the Thinkers Lodge and the Peace Hall as landmarks, contributing to tourism and pride in our village. 
 If you are interested in supporting this project into the future. contact Communities in Bloom (Helen (902) 243-2762 or Maureen (902) 243-3454.


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